Sally Keidel

Sally and her board recently launched “Excellence Within Reach,” a strategic pricing project that cut tuition by one-third in spring 2018, which allowed Montgomery School to grow by 30 students in less than a year and dramatically increased philanthropy.‍


Experienced enrollment strategist Sally Keidel heads Montgomery School in Pennsylvania (coed, PK-8, 250 students) and works daily to integrate innovative thinking with her school’s market realities. Sally and her board recently launched “Excellence Within Reach,” a strategic pricing project that cut tuition by one-third in spring 2018, which allowed Montgomery School to grow by 30 students in less than a year and dramatically increased philanthropy. While Sally would be the first to explain this initiative is “not a silver bullet,” the issues of independent school pricing, access and affordability have dominated her interests as a school leader.

Sally Keidel

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